Cardro Pro Activation Code 2022

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Hello Friends, it’s BanKdrops Official here again and am going to discuss briefly on Cardro Pro Activation Code .

Ever since i wrote article on Cardro pro software, alot of followers has been asking the easiest means of getting their app activated. So let’s make everything precise in this article. But before we continue, let me quickly explain what is cardro pro for the purpose of those who just stumbled on this website for the first time.

Cardro Pro Software

In summary, Cardropro Have Just three functions.

✅Fake Alert
✅BVN Hack

Cardro pro is a PC, iOS or an android device app which makes it possible to remove money from any bank account anonymously using BVN or Card Details such as Card number, Cvv and Expiry Date.

In addition to the app Function, users can send unlimited fake alerts to any country with just few clicks. In other words, it also serves as a “Universal Fake Alert app”.

Cardro Pro can be downloaded anywhere online but their official website is . It’s advisable you download the app there or use the below download link.


Having downloaded the app on your Android device to get it working, you must activate it. But unfortunately, the activation code is not free.

Buy Cardro Pro Activation code

To Get your cardro pro activation code, you can order directly from the app by clicking on the activate Button from your App!.

There are two major payment methods accepted by the app in default. If you are from other parts of the world you can pay with Bitcoin or NGN “Bank transfer” if you are from Nigeria.

The bank transfer payment method isn’t listed on the app. To get their bank details, you might need to contact them directly using the contact details on the app.

Cardro Pro cost $91

You can also purchase activation Code from us at a discount rate. We partner with the official website in selling activation Codes for cardro software.

You can get your Code here at 80$ only please contact us for Payment

About Cardro pro activation Code

Is the activation code lifetime and one time payment? Sure you also have this question in mind. Here’s the clarification.

Once your payment has been done, you will get your activation code. There’s no hidden charges, No extra Fee. And it’s lifetime payment.

You will continue using the activation code as long as app remains on your device. But if you mistakenly uninstall the app or change your device, you may need to contact the official website with your purchase email. They will give you another activation code without extra charges.

Cardro Pro Activation Code doesn’t work for two devices at the same time. This means one code for one device.

If you have more questions regarding this post, you can contact us as well.

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